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About ”Ample”

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博喻國際有限公司 (簡稱"博喻") 於2004年創立,以「提升語文能力,發展藝術潛能」為宗旨,致力提供多元化課程。除了知識的傳授,更著重全面發展,提高學生的學習興趣。


Ample Instruction International Limited was established in 2004. With our mission as "improving language skills and developing artistic potential", we commit to provide diversified courses. Besides imparting knowledge, we believe in an all-round development to enhance students' interest in learning.

Targeting to provide high-quality teaching support and consultancy, we enjoy good reputation and feedback from schools and among parents.

  • 教育碩士(兒童及青少年發展)

  • 翻譯系榮譽學士

  • 修畢多個特殊學習需要課程

  • Master of Education (Child and Adolescent Development)

  • Bachelor of Arts (Translation)

  • Completed several trainings for special education needs



Miss Yip

Miss Yip投身幼兒及小學語文教育超過十年,曾於多間教育機構擔任導師及課程統籌主任,亦曾出任上市教育集團小學部統籌主任一職。憑著她多年教學經驗,建立出一套「寓教於樂,樂於學習」的教學理念。積極推廣把英語學習融入於多元化的課堂之中,讓學生享受當中的趣味以提升學習意慾。

Miss Yip has devoted herself to early childhood and primary school language education . She has served as a  tutor and coordinator in many educational institutions. With her fruitful teaching experience, she has established a teaching philosophy - "learning through the fun of activities".

Miss Yip actively promotes the integration of English learning into extracurricular activities and visual arts courses, she believes students can take English learning as an interest and enjoy the fun to enhance their eagerness in learning English.

Schools and Institutions

  • 又一村學校

  • 仁愛堂吳黃鳳英幼稚園

  • 樂善堂鄧德濂幼稚園

  • 中華基督教會望覺堂賢貞幼稚園

  • 翰林幼稚園 

  • 觀塘浸信會彩明幼稚園

  • 救世軍華富幼兒學校

  • 道慈佛社楊譚婉芳幼稚園

  • 景林天主教小學 

  • 愛秩序灣官立小學

  • 九龍靈光小學

  • 香港道教聯合會圓玄學院石圍角小學 

  • 中華基督教會基慈小學 

  • 荃灣天主教小學

  • 樂善堂梁銶琚學校(分校) 

  • 光明學校 

  • 梨木樹天主教小學

  • 保良局朱正賢小學

  • 東華三院邱金元中學

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